Douglas Battista on Business Financing

money-1015292_640Funding a new business may sound like a daunting task, says Douglas Battista. It’s not as difficult as many think, however, and there are options that make financing a small business accessible even to entrepreneurs with little to no credit.

Debt financing

According to Douglas Battista, debt financing is the most common way that small business owners find the capital to market a product or service. Debt financing is when a borrower puts up collateral and obtains a loan from a lending institution, such as a bank or finance company that specializes in commercial lending.

Debt financing has several advantages, points out Douglas Battista. Business owners have the freedom to retain 100% control over the business. They are not beholden to stockholders or investors. Additionally, debt financing can help a new business owner establish credit to further the business later on. Interest on these types of loans is nearly always tax-deductible, which may help quell reservations on the part of the borrower. Continue reading


HR Professional Douglas Battista Offers Advice on Finding Focus in the Workplace

Douglas BattistaWorkplace distractions aren’t a new problem, though the invention of the Internet has likely costs employers billions in lost productivity. Here, Douglas Battista shares a few pieces of wisdom on ways to stay focused while on the clock.

Q: Is there any specific group of employee more likely to fall by the wayside during working hours?

Douglas Battista: Studies have found that those who’ve grown up witnessing the boom of the Internet might have the shortest attention spans. That’s easy to understand since Gen Y’ers have more distractions than their parents. Things like text messaging, cell phones, instant messaging, and emails weren’t a major problem as recent as 20 years ago.

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