Douglas Battista: Key Attributes of a Winning Talent Acquisition Function

Doug BattistaMost CEOs understand that having the right talent is critical to a business’s success, especially in today’s fast-changing marketplace. Therefore, a company’s approach to talent acquisition has become a big priority for Human Capital leaders.  But what is this approach? Douglas Battista explains below.

According to Douglas Battista, today’s talent acquisition leaders must be focused on the following key attributes of a winning talent acquisition program.

  • Be proactive on the Company’s critical talent needs.  
    • Determine the Company’s critical positions   The critical positions are those that provide the highest payoff for the Company.  Douglas Battista notes that people in these positions must be driven to uphold the Company’s best interest. They are the ones with the broadest decision-making authority, and are individually important to the institution’s overall success.
    • Aggressively hunt the critical talent.   Determine where the critical talent resides (the industries and companies), and build a critical talent database.  Challenge the business leaders to look at alternate industries to find “hidden” talent pools. Douglas Battista says this will be different in different industries and markets.
  • Create a disciplined interview approach.

It’s rare to have a 100% success rate in selecting talent.  However, with a disciplined and thorough interview approach, you can increase your chances of success.  Douglas Battista recommends the interview approach outlined in the book PowerScore by GHsmart.

  • Use technology.  

New recruitment technology can sift through tremendous amounts of data to identify top prospects faster than any individual or team. Douglas Battista notes that this type of software can quickly rule out unqualified candidates, which will save time and money in the long term.

Douglas Battista says that hiring the right people is paramount to a business’s success. By implementing a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy, most companies can fill their critical roles with the right people and at the right time.