Douglas Battista | What is Company Culture?

Doug BattistaCompany culture is a particular business’s set of values. It is apparent in the way they conduct their day-to-day operations, from how staff members interact with one another to the way company leaders encourage work/life balance, says Douglas Batista. Here, Battista answers a few questions about company culture and why it matters.

Q: Why is corporate culture important for employees?

Douglas Battista: A company’s culture is its environment. It’s the things that make a business either an enjoyable place to work or the stuff of nightmares. Corporate culture is largely responsible for job satisfaction, and perhaps even more so than salary. An employee who is not happy with the way their company is ran will not be as productive and won’t likely live up to their professional potential.

Q: What are some examples of activities that affect corporate culture?

Douglas Battista: Some businesses prioritize open workspaces. This creates a situation where ideas can flow freely between members of a team. It’s a common set up in IT departments. Other businesses make a point to separate managers and employees and frown upon unscheduled conversations. There is nothing wrong with either business model, but each requires the right kind of people to be successful.

Q: Is it possible to determine a company’s culture prior to interviewing?

Douglas Battista: To an extent, yes. Check out their website, look for articles about them on business websites, such as Entrepreneur and Business Insider, and ask your friends and associates to introduce you to people they know that work at the company.

Q: How do I know if I’m a good fit for a specific business?

Douglas Battista: Ask yourself what’s important to you. Do you want to work in an office with dartboards and video game systems readily available? Or you prefer things to be all business all the time? Would you rather work in an environment that encourages friendship between employees of all levels? Or would you rather have a defined relationship at work and socialize only outside of your professional circle?