Doug Battista | The Value of Hard Work

Doug BattistaDoug Battista believes strongly in the power of hard work. Growing up with a father who worked hard to provide for his family, Doug Battista learned early that nobody would hand success to him. It would have to be earned, Doug Battista discovered, and he began his post-secondary education with that in mind.

After graduation from New York’s Niagara University, Doug Battista began looking for work in his chosen area of vocation – travel and hospitality. Doug Battista was offered the position of Director of Food Services for a large insurance company in Hartford, Connecticut. ARAMARK, according to Doug Battista, the leading provider of food to correctional institutions, schools, businesses, and stadiums and arenas in the world, had the contract in this location.

But landing such a high profile job was only the start for Doug Battista. With parents who raised him to treat people well and always do more than is expected, Doug Battista made a name for himself in the industry, soon being promoted to regional recruiter for ARAMARK. During this time, Doug Battista was furthering his education. One year following his promotion, he had his master’s degree in organizational behavior from the University of Hartford.

His position as regional recruiter eventually landed Doug Battista a promotion to HR manager, which led to an offer from Walt Disney. Today, he serves as president of HR for Jenny Craig, after a successful term heading up talent acquisition for Jenny Craig’s parent company, Nestle USA.

Over the years, Doug Battista has thought back often on the lessons his father taught him. With each successive generation, Battista notes that the work ethics of previous generations seem to be fading. While everyone has a dream, many people aren’t willing to put in the years of work to achieve that dream.

Working in HR, Doug Battista often sees 30-somethings who are still waiting for adult life to begin. The dreams they once had have eluded them as they waited for a chance that never came. Speaking as someone who regularly recruits, Doug Battista prizes those candidates who have demonstrated a history of hard work that has helped them progress up the career ladder.

Money is not the only reason to choose a goal and pursue it with passion, Doug Battista advises. In fact, Doug Battista has found that some of the happiest people he’s met are those who are in pursuit of a dream. The personal satisfaction that comes from pursuing and reaching a dream, says Battista is unmatched by financial success.